Which Muzical zcene in da early 20th century do u prefer?

  • French
  • German
  • Ruzzian
  • American
  • Otha

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In da explozion ov nu ztylez in da early 20th century, which zcene do u find da mozt appealing?

Liapetz :heart:


Hahah by diz topic I mean NU 20th cuntury ztylez whereaz da Liapetz wuz very rooted in da 19th cent

Zcriabin da prime example fo Ruzzia

Depuzzy n Ravel da prime fo France

Zchoenberg etc fo Germany

Still prefer Russia, and with all the other minor post-romantics too.

Da Rav is post-middle period pimp imo.

And I gotta say, some Liapumofo strikes me as a cross between da pimp n depussy, eg da 2nd conc.


Russian is also Prokofiev, Stravinsky etc

Tru, Ruzzia and zum otha countriez hav multiple zchoolz

I prefah da world ov Zcriabin and hiz followahz ova da neo-clazzical& otha ztyleez ov da Ztrav etc.

just to be clear, the ‘french style’ is really a francisization of da russkies :sunglasses:


Haha dependz which ztryle u mean, da POULENC iz definitely a French Prokofiev

But da Debuzzy wuz a tru original and hiz clozezt linkz were late Liszt, late Chop, and zum Faure and Wagner. Azide from deze influencez he took a giant leap forward ov hiz own fo zhor.

When U rememba he wuz borin in da 1860z tiz amazing.


HAHAHA fuck diz freudian zlip :lib:


Ruzzian and French stylez were already developed by da late 19th century but it is truly America that came into itz own wit Ives, Ornstein, Barber, Gershwin, Carter, Joplin, Beach

I voted Murica but obviouzly da Russian/French compozers of da time made a bigger impact

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Zcrib zon 5 - 1907


Tru. All of Ravel’s best stuff was post 1900 too. And my favourite Debussy stuff was all post 1900: Preludes, Images, Estampes, Etudes, L’isle joyeuse.

Don’t even get me started on Russian music. So much of the greatest stuff came after 1900.

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I mostly prefer Debussy over Ravel TBH

Doesn’t mean it wasn’t developed. The Mighty Handful and Tchaikovsky started in the 1860s. Same with Saint Saens, Faure, Alkan, Franck, etc. Of course they got even better in the 20th century but American music did not even really start until then.

Okay, but show me how Tchaikovsky led directly to Shostakovich’s 10th… There was plenty of development that took place after 1900. The most interesting stuff happened later, imo.

I’m not saying that Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, etc. didn’t revolutionize the Russian classical tradition. But even if all these 20th century guys didn’t exist, we’d still have a large body of Russian music to appreciate today. Like if Beethoven didn’t exist we still have Bach for German music. But America didn’t really have any classical music to speak of until the 20th century.

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no, he learned a shitload from russian opera

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I don’t hear any LINKA between GLINKA n Depuzz :dong:

mebe that’s cause u don’t know Glinka was the first composer to use whole tone chords