Which of dese iz da most important to you?

Of da SDC trinity, which do you most look for in a perf

  • FURY

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DAYUM, diz iz gonna be hard

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Things are already too hard for me right now to start choosing between SDC principles. 8)

But Iโ€™m not really an angry person, soโ€ฆ

FUUUUUUUUCK, i forgot to click ok for CG

if you choose dat one jus say so

haha you used too much speed in clicking โ€œSubmitโ€.


hahaha, cant chooze

Fury off course. Afther I heard Hough`s chop ballade no2(wich had no fury compared to Rubinstein) fury has been the most important thing in piano for me.8 I really like all other Hough I have heard but that recording wasnt good)
Mah pianoteacher sais that fury is important n dat alot of pianist is whimps dat are afraid of ff.

-da meph

duz da RUB Ball 2 compete wiz da :rectum: in FURY ?

haven`t heard da :rectum: chop ballade 2.

-da ignorant meph :shrimp:

fury of course

a top SDC clazzic rec
awarded Bezt Shock Tactic n Best Rape :rectum: :rectum:

knar.free.fr/sdc/rectum/Richter_ โ€ฆ Ballade_No[1]._2.ogg

Diz sheeyat dun work pour moi. Parce que Microsoft sais that diz kind of sheeeyat dun work foh dem. Wy iz dat?
Also da micsoft sais dat maybe dzi file dun com froma trustworthy source

-da Meph

hahaaa wtf?
dl da random codec dbpoweramp.com/codec-central-ogg.htm


whereโ€™z MOIZT 8)

datz wut she said

I dun understand diz kind of sheeeyat :shrimp:

-The ignorant and incredibly stupid Mephisto devil :imp: :comme:

-The Mephisto

click on Download

fury iz overall mo wikid but at a certain level of speed eg da barriztah, u can somehow be mo wikid wiz speed only

da explanation:
fury n speed dun progrezz da same

da comprehensive graphโ€ฆ RESPEC 8)