Which pianists were physically 'born to play piano'?


what a homo


lmao at da trugod

Gieseking pops up in my head.

He’s huge and uniquely talented.

Damn, tru.

I’ll also add SOLOMON. Damn, what a genius. 1st mov of Tchaik 1 at age EIGHT DAMN.

hahahah u serious??? holy shit???

is he the pianist who played da tchai 1 for da rosenthal (i think twas rosenthal), and da rosenthal dismissed him???

VERY doubtful.




wtf wtf?

i knowz who he be

an he be a homo

i know several recordings of each of those pieces that are leagues better than his

banned? :doc:

Haha I totally agree. Wunder is second-rate at this point.

Wunder is just what he is. Promising young with great fingers. And more promising than Lang Lang, that’s for sure.

True, but then I can think of easily 40 young pianists who have more promise than LL.

:wood: for one…

believe me, nobody gives the dong less credit than myself, but i don’t hear an ounce of intersting ideas coming from wunder, and though lang’s ideas are crass and often perverse–infantile, even–at least he has more than one objective in his playing…

wunder has speed, but no fury
he has no charisma
he’s ugly as sin
and while his reflexes are supurb,
he’s no cziffra…
destined to be no more than a footnote in the annals of competition history

just the flavor of the month, if you ask me

damn rite

a mofo wiz 50 gold medalz :stop: to hiz name aftah ztartin da 88 6 yrz ago iz deztined fo a bit mo den dat 8)

6 years ago??? holy shit u serious???

i fink da arrauzah wuz made for da 88z

or da :rectum:

i’ll bet you, with the entire sdc as witness, $1000 US that in 40 years wunder will be no further along (fame and glory-wise) than he is now.