Which piecez/perfz haf made u 😭 cry?

Lazt tym fo me -

:gav: :pimp: zon

But alzo da #1 iz da Tchaik trio lazt mvt :blush:


Da :wim:

Crying with laughter.

Chopson 3 live Sok in da church in verbier, I wasn’t only crying, I wuz mildly hallucinating (cumpletely sobah diz time too).
Niggah 111, can’t remembah da rec


Da Ho playing da Chop Mazfuckah 17/4

It touched ma PENIZ n I cried from da shame becuz I liked it


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I have never cried at a concert but after wine at home the slower parts of arrau’s no 26 brotha son where you can almost hear words coming from the piano complaining about some shit. Perhaps maybe a bit

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Horowitz’s K.331 and Lola’s Brahms-1


Fo da moz part I find Chop da moz movin compoza

Op 48/1

Prel 4 az zimple az it iz ztill makez u zhuddah in a great perf

I said VH/331 only since it’s the first recording I remember to move me to that degree, but I think it’s Mozart in general with this elsewise too. Tears don’t come with me because music is sad, but there have been moments where I’ve had to fight them off when I’ve been emotionally overwhelmed. With Mozart I think it’s the innocence and purity, in Bach the sheer cosmic might, and in Liszt the expressiveness of thoughts and emotions.

In Lola it’s the silver mask and kassler dress.

Wut about VH Traumah in mozk?

Nope. If anything that moved me to the next track.

I could be wrong but I don’t remember any other composers moving me to this degree, or in this way. Maybe Ravel - the D major concerto. I at least remember being floored by Zimerman’s recording when it came out.

Not tha traumah, but pozz da Scrib 2/1 from the same time.

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Randomly, also the :ho: Liszt Consolation No 3.

Ridiculously beautiful

I’m not sure I’ve ever outright cried from a piece. An intense performance of the finale of Tchaikovsky’s Sym 6 just about gets me there (Kondrashin live). There’s a kind of too-dead-to-cry numbness from Strauss’s Metamorphosen too (Karajan). Sometimes it’s like you get closer to tears from a performance of sheer ecstasy. When I was young Strauss’s Death & Transfiguration could just about pull that off (Karajan again), or the first movement of Bruckner 9 (Kubelik live). I agree w/ the mention of Arrau in Beethoven in places.

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ZIFF Hung rappah 6 live moizt midzect

Fortunately evaporated by da fury ov da finale :sunglasses:

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I think I’ve mentioned before but the 2 perfs dat made me cry were badura skoda’s Scherbert ab impromptu and zim’s op.111.
Zongz…I think liebestod got me and I tend to get choked up from the prologue to wezt zide ztory obviously not for its moiztnezz but for it’s awezomezz.

Bit susceptible to this:

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Da HO rec juz definitiv fo moi and da fact it wuz juz befo he died addz to da tear jerk factah

Haha, I think da ho’z rec has a lot of nice things but is a shambles from a technical standpoint.

Wut da FUCK do u expect from an 86 yr old mofo dat died a couple dayz latah? :sunglasses:

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I don’t expect him to revert to a 17 year old rapizt da moment he seez sum octz :sunglasses::grin:

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