who iz tha bezt compozah in tha pazt pozzibly 40 yrrz (in yo

HAHAHA pozzibly you have forgotten da best of dem all…

-----Da Hanzimmah-----


da mezz



kapustin, ligeti, messiaen, lutosÅ‚awski, bolcom, vine…

the list goes on and on and on…

me :rock: :stop:


dont forget da doc

hahahhahahahaahahahahahahahha he shouldn’t be considered, but his PRELUDE AND FUGUE IZ ABSELOUTLY INZANE, wich shows that he has got talent, but he has just composed to little.

and I mean inzane in its emotional effect.
da random con intimissimo sentimento iz great too, and da scar etude iz cg and mah abd self plays it, but of course badly compared to da :doc:

da la camp iz gensui too.

-da Meph


tha bezt compozah in tha lazt 40 yearz iz poziblee…

…maestro KAWAZAKI

i did


Da 2nd n last book iz da best

I would MUCH rather listen to real birds.

-da Meph

so wud i :slight_smile:

what about rautavaara?

could u post da 1st piano concerto?

i did hear it on da radio and it was superb!
If he composes like that all da tym he is pozzibly mah no1 living composah.

-da Meph

sure, in a bit. its truly a furious composition worthy of rezpec.

ahahahah tha jalgor once gave mahzelf tha RAUT #2 n 3 tru 8)

here is no 1.


randomly rautavaara did a piece for REAL birds and orchestra, called cantus arcticus (sp?). its pretty awesome, i think. not furious though.

hahah gensui, I love some of Messiaen’s bird pieces, and he is one of mah top10 of all time, but sum of da bird pieces sound bad to my ears.

and rezpev for da rautavaara.

-da Meph