Who to ban? Dr. Sheeyat o Da Rectum?


  • Dr. Sheeyat
  • da rectum AKA speed demon
  • both
  • neither

0 voters

who you want to see banned?

hahaha inflammatory thread

but i did vote for one

if one particular membahz vote count 7> den da otha

we will say we had achieved a conzenzus and ban him 8)

I think 5 iz mo reasonable, pozzibly.

wut happens if that nevah ends up happening?

den we ban neitha

letz keep it at 7

sdc iz not fond of banning fuckaz, but if da people want someone banned badly, it vill be done 8)

hahahaha repec tha Theeme da joue

daim Dr. Sheeyat iz da only fucka dat appreciatez mah p0rn writing art, lez keep him

hahahaha 8)

anyway i voted for mahzelf :angry:


Kit kat :slight_smile:

damn im gonna win

edit: anyway i talked to an old legend here on msn and he told me why everyone hatez me, i thought it was becouse i said some things to da rectum but he things thats not the thing

now my question is; why does everyone see’s me rather banned that posting here? you can pm with suggestions to change my behaviour

if da “both” votez amount to more than 3 to da second highest choice

den, both vill be promptly banned 8)

what about truking and etudes?

omglolffs what is the reason i’m on this poll anyway?