da rezerrection?

Diz just like da tym da JAV FOR ME came back after 16 hour down time

I was becumming quite fond of seeing da zkep furry av everytimr he pozt in dat messenger thread

Oh wait…

Horror of horrors. I better DOWNLOAD sum Suzu juz in case 8)

Long Live DaSDC!!!

Tru. This domain name is still set to expire on 27 Nov though.


If a whipround to pay the hosting fees is required, I’m happy to chip in.

da fucking GATOR 8)

Ztart a gofundmacock fo dat zheeyat!

Tru, da mart prolly got a few e-mails to his old address da last week :smiley: Thought it was down fo good.
Let’s hope/make sure diz don’t happen again.

Join da sdc group on facebook fo backup


same here

Same here. N, TM, I’m on da backup since da bgeinnign.

twuz not a billing zheeayt but a file dey said wuz too big (16GB)

den support takez 4 dayz to answer

Shitty customer service!
Still, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor


Wuz it one of doze bigass TM photos? :smiley: :smiley:

Hahaha! I think that might have been it. Gator was checking the site and found 16 GB of completely retarded wud u hit it pics. Called Alex up and wondered if he’d been hacked. :smiley: