Who's this stunning Mozart pianist?


It’s a shame this pianist didn’t record more Mozart. Any guesses as to who it is? Hint: This pianist was in the Great Pianists set.

Randomly Subwoofah, plz don’t answer.



Sounds like young Fleischer, but he recorded a fistfull of Mozart concerti.

Random guess: Byron Janis?

Since this thread really hasn’t sparked any interest whatsoever I’ll just say it’s Serkin. He recorded some lovely Mozart Concertos, but iirc this is his only sonata recording.

I wish he’d done the whole set. This is fantastic playing, imo.

Fuck I was going to try to listen to this…Only 3 days and we get a spoiler :frowning:

Please continue with these kind of questions. I love them.

I agree!

DG actually issued a good deal of Serkin mozart pc in 7 cd set.

as for da sonatas, there might be more in his sony 24 cd box set which still bothers my mind until present time. fuckkkk…AMAZON.com

Hmm… is his Sony 24cd worth purchasing? Saw it in the local record store

if it’s something u can afford it, go for it. eventually it will go oop.

Serkin seems to have quite a few Mozart piano concerti?

not quite into them , but admire, as a good pianist. :dong:

silience… why…