whut wuz tha old SDC logo?

befo tha CATZ did tha current one?


daim i forget

haha shit diz iz too long ago tru :lib:

da waybackmachine has no images sadly

surely da mart rememberz 8)

That couldn’t have lasted long. When did it start? 2004?

omg there was a logo before this one? SHOW :ziff:

pozz a TONY creation, bazically da top rite hand cornah of da current logo, but wiz da TONY blown up to epic size

n befo dat, da ZEPP pozz did anothah one, wiz da ZIFF, MACHINE, n DOC, in a 3zome

congratulatin each othah n zhakin handz tru 8)

da jake responsible for doc pimp hat.

Who’s da John Rusnak?

Haha man da comme era sdc.
He was a funny guy, hope he’s doing well. :comme:

Nutsack was this mofo who used his ill-gotten gains to record the worst known recording of the chopin etudes.
I think I still have it somewhere on my comp, might go listen to it for lulz. :dong:

Worse than Commes ‘ocean’? (not that that isn’t a classic) One of my friends used to live near him, I should ask what he’s up to.

Also exactly what went on under the SDC Global Assault Mission?

I think the primary objection to Rusnak was that this was a commerically released CD.
Certainly there’ve been loads of worse recordings/performances on youtube, at the ANU school of music cough etc.

I think the “Global Assault” was a membership drive and an attempt to spread da word of speed and fury.
This was typically achieved by spamming pianoforum although comme could even be found on non-piano boards like GuitarWorld and John Petrucci’s forum.
I guess if da sdc was starting up today he’d have been trying to recruit miscers on bodybuilding.com. :whale:

Your friend knows comme personally?

The fact that all dissenting reviews of that shtty cd on Amazon got periodically deleted also contributed to the sdc rusnak trolling counter offensive

I’m not sure how calling someone ‘pussylicking cunt sucking’ is an insult unless they’re gay?

I think he’s met Comme a few times, nothing more.

is your mate a Geordie then?
Pretty sure Comme was from around there.

randomly tiz

s2.photobucket.com/user/shoenber … y.jpg.html

I think it’s time we redid the forum banner, it’s ridiculous still having comme’s one-time-15-yr-old-online-girlfriend on there. :comme:

the wun rite b4 diz wun was by da indominable ZTEINWAYMODELD

it looked bazically da zame 8)

tru dere wuz two verzionz of dat wun - da :tailz: actually in wun of dem