Why competitions rock

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hahahahah tha robbah ztill vil predickt tha zole remainin JAP vil be tha winnah on zaturday :gav: :rudy:

tru i dun even kno whut comp thiz iz :stop:

there are way too many competitions. :chop:

Pozz da Yaukza vz mafia zhowdown? :arrow_right:

True, but I think it’s more hilarious how almost pianist is labelled as “one of the greatest pianists” who "won the SO VERY important competition "

Let’s be honest…aside from chopchop, van clit, tchai and QEC competition there’s barely any competition that really “matters”.

But the thing is, I think they only ‘matter’ based on nostalgia. What prize winner within the past 10/20 years has made it to Perahia/Lupu/Ash/Whale/Sok…level? Very few. I don’t think comps are the best way to go but it’s hard to think of another. Andsnes seems to be one of the few that escaped. Pozz :dong: too but I wanted to stick to ‘normal’ pianists.

but personally i think even pianists like perahia/lupu/ash/whale wouldn’t hold a candle to say Schnabel/Cortot/Richter/Gilels etc. Am I wrong? same goes with today’s conductors vs Furtwangler/Kleiber/Klemperer/Karajan etc. It’s just disappointing to me to realize that we don’t live in an age of great musicians anymore.

No, not all, you’re entitled to your opinion.
But I’m wary in that case that it’s the usual ‘things ain’t what they used to be’.
Same with composers - is there anyone around now that can compare with :pimp: :rock: :brotha: ? (selected primarily for emoticon purposes)

ahahah judgin by da gensui level of da winnah, da greatezt comp of all tym iz zhorly


i know ppl will hate me and i might go to hell for saying that but i think LOTS of the old pianists are overrated as fk!

they were among the best of their times, no doubt about that…but I personally think it’s stupid that everything has to be compared to them nowadays. they were around when the recording technique had just started to develop and unlike today ppl couldnt just record themselves and put it on youtube.

Nowadays it isnt enough anymore to just play musically…the audience’s eyes need to eat as well. that’s why lang lang, yuja etc are more popular&known than volodos, etc.

I wonder how things would be if Volodos, Hamelin and so on were all born 50+ years before while Cortot, Horowitz, etc were born just 20-30 years ago. would everybody praise and idolize Yuja, Dong, etc nowadays like they do with horowitz, rubinstein etc?

Would a 20yo Horowitz be able to get known through youtube by making videos of him with his iphone6? :dong: :dong:
Would he be able to easily win the next Chopin Competition? :dong:

Due to the availability of nowadays media (tv, youtube, etc), the vast amount of piano competitions, etc it’s much harder nowadays to achieve an iconic status and not be forgotten a coupla months later already.

Horowitz was a phenomenon. I’m sure he would’ve been famous no matter what the era.
If it isn’t enough to just play musically anymore… well that’s more an indictment of the current state of audiences than anything else.


Holy crap, check da lizt of namez in da comments!
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I’m glad that they are at least willing to put their real names to their opinions!
Personally I tend to agree with Munro, Lupo et al. It was completely classless and unbecoming for Roge to single out a particularly competitor by name just because his favourites didn’t make the cut.
If he doesn’t even take the time to read about the competition’s voting rules, he really has no business being on the jury. This is doubly so for the Geneva competition where he is chairman.