Why in the HELL is there a Lang Lang Biography?!

u zhud zay u iz hiz cuz n bang dem :dong:

da jeff secretly planned to buy tiz.


pozz, i iz out ov TP.

…conversations with Arrau by J Horowitz has 333 pages.

…this Dongah Bio has 256 pages. So, what kind of biography are you suposed to write in 256 pages about a mofo who’s not even 28 yrs. old?
:dong: :dong: :dong: :dong:

Apparently in a documentary on BBC I think, Lang Langs teacher said he would never make it at a pianist, and his father having found out this encouraged Lang Lang to commit suicide or something to that effect. I didnt see this documentary, but a friend of mine did. Did anybody else see it?

When I met him, he was the coldest musician I have ever met (except for Joanna MacGregor, who refused to talk to me).
I lined up and was banned from taking a photo, but I did anyway with my phone. When it was my turn, he didnt look at me, took the score I was holding (I had intended to ask him to sign on the inside title page where I have about 5 other signatures), and wrote his name in marker pen over the whole front cover and pushed it to the side.
I didnt get a chance to say anything, but I was gobsmacked anyway. Fortunately, it had a glossy cover so I used some turps to remove it, otherwise id have invoiced him.

haha yes this was posted on here, da teacher obviously didn’t know sheeyat; musicality aside it’s obvious he can play the instrument. And his father is a sadist.

tellda joanna ztory

zhe zeemd lyka niyc bachbiatch :dong:

tru that ztory wuz alzo in tha new yorkah