why should leehom even be there?!!!

hkpo.com/eng/concerts_and_ti … /index.jsp

was checking the HKPO’s performance calendar for 2009 and to my astonishment, found leehom among all the classical musicians!

can he actually play the violin half-decently?..

oh well… :unamused:

ahahahah dat mofo

he haff zufficient sdc cred from duelin da :dong: at wut zeemd to be at da tym a hily publicizd uber budgetd rezpecably attended spectrum zhattahrinly influential mazzivly debatable informal gatherin

agez ago 8)

tho not az much az da jay chou haff from makin a movie about hiz zkillz on da 88


heard leehom play the bach partita before and it was terrible to the trained ears

with jay chou, i’m sure many, if not most members here can play far far better than him.

wait til i finnizh addin mo wikid adjectivz, u fuckah 8)

hi george zand, i’m :chop:


:whale: :whale: :whale: