witch piece hath no fury but is still MOIST?

iz thinkin, witch piece be moist and wet, but wiz out da fury. liek bach’s “air” from the overture is wet and moist, and maybe thats where THE ULTIMATE FURY iz. discuss

hahahahahahaha, respec fo da comedic genius but make some fuckin sense biatch!!!


hahaha Dabombdroppa officially defy da Jackson/sanzone duo


hahahaha, respec to da bombahh

sorry da moista of diz piece made my brain be all turbulated and sheeyat.

what i iz meaning to be saying iz dat kan a piece (by piece i dun mean my piece as in the penaz) be condenscent of da FURY if it iz nat of elemental speed, but juz da ultmate moist and juice liek dat back overture? discuss

well if da fuckin piece hasnt got fury, it dont have fury

but if its as rawly shit like dat AIR - den it can INDUCE fury