Work on Simon Barere Recs?

These were absolutely fucked but the new cartridge def picked up more details I was able to dig out. On the fence about doing more Barere… yes/no

My Transfer

The Pro APR Transfer


Better question…

You guys want me to post a raw HQ transfer for you all o clean up and use on your channels? I’m insanely busy.

You’d have to declick and EQ by ear because they used a weird curve, also boost left channel a few db.

Lemme know!


Hmm did the live islamey too. Is ok though too lazy to fix all the tiny funky bits. You get the point though.


Sounds about as good as Barere is ever gonna sound

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Yeah the skritchiness price of admish for the detail I gather. Will do polka and other rach prelude at least. The LH etude on that side is too fucked to mess with.

HAHAHAHA REZPEC da krizpy tranzfah but mannnn

da BAR

One of da few mofoz who cud make ZPEED

zound a bit zheeyat :sunglasses:


Sooo tru! I’m doing the rock 23 5 prelude he used some weird escapement tricks to play the repeated chords and it sounds squishy cuz dampers dun clear the sound on the keys kinda

Gonna put it up raw… more detail shits in there for weirdos anyhow


So this sounds like a piano in parts now, but still crap. Last track i bother with on this live rec posthumous album.

I think the 115 year old orgy recs from a few seasons back smoke him all around… and of course Richter def way ahead at torturing his 4th and 5th finger.

Honestly Bro, your transfer sounds more natural. Hope you find time and energy to share more! Cheers!

Can you post the bombah file as used in the vid and I’ll clean it?

There are a few moments when I’m a bit suspicious of marginal pitch drift, like 0.40, but I’m not playing around with something like that.

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Yeah, No prob! Will get it in drive.

I’ll keep my eye out for an LP in better shape of this some parts weren’t bad considering date of recording and circumstances.

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Truuuu, da unlimited RAW DEX randomly a

Curse (unless you get MOTEL-8 level octs to match dem)

Also… pozz rhythm is da most important attribute of a truly great PENIZ :potato: :ho: :rocky:

I wonder how barere fared in a big hall. I’ve heard fast dudes live before but unless they articulate and project sounds a bit like a blurred fart even if not. Part of Ho’s and cziff genius is this added clarity layer ontop of dex. Think its why some of their recs can sound dry in studio.

Yeah I think :bar: can sound thin and brittle at times, something I’d never say about :zif:


Here be the file of Isalami bomba

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Ty, I’ll have a go

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Woh, brutal noise levels in the spectrum haha, I don’t see this coming out entirely clean!

Yeah the LP itself was not great on top of the poor recording circumstances. I can upload the raw version if it helps. Its pop city though.

I’ll try this one and see how it goes…

Sounds a bit flat tbh, and still some noise.

I’ve balanced the channels and removed the clipping, but there were so many little extraneous pops and other noises that I gave up trying to sort them after about 2 mins.