wut iz da SDC to u a community or a place to get free recz?

wut do u care about mo, when it cumz to da SDC

  • da community, da heart n zoul, n da CG
  • da recz n vidz, i dun care about da community az much az da freebiez

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i azk diz, becuz da people dat pozt in da SDC zeem to be divided into 2 factionz

doze wiz tru rezpec to da actual community, n CG n zpirit to add to da forum, da backbone of da SDC iz dizcuzzion n random CG, n diz iz precizely wut it wuz made fo

da 2nd faction iz fo ppl lyk da trumofo, n da iamcanadian, altho at oppozing endz in termz of givin/takin, dey view da SDC az a place to zhare n get free recz n vidz, primarily at leazt, n many otha membaz c da forum diz way

to moi da community alwayz cummah firzt, recz n vidz iz important to provide da community wiz sheeyat to dizcuzz, but da dizcuzzionz demzelvez iz often mo pricelezz den da zubject of dizcuzzion.

anyway, vote, or randomly dont vote, tiz up to u, or iz it? :rudy:

Tis been almost two years and I ignore most of the postz in the rec sec.

Those who most request, I believe, have problems with their own gurth, and try to somehow absorb the girth vicariously throught the performances of others. I other words, they have small penizes and desire to see large penizes on film.

Admiring gurth tis not wrong. Obsessively trolling for it, however… :dong:

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hahah diz totally about da community. i signed up fo da CG moztly, becauze i pisssed mah pantz firzt time i learned about diz.

den i found mahbadzelf sharin some recz n downloadin som mo, but diz all.

Community. Diz iz a wikid dizcussion board. The recordings are the icing on the cake.

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with out da CG and mofo zpeak dis place iz 88street

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haha no. da 88street doesnt have a chill house, wud u hit it, or jackson forum. nothing even comes close. massive rezpec to dasdc!

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hahah there r two thingz 88street haz dat we dont:

stupidity and sheeyatnezz

i agree. i considah da jacko an chill forumz as part of da overall CG

dis site fuckin RULEZ abuv all!!!

I would say the community, although I am considered a leecher, I have only downloaded things from where I have posted really. Problem with the community is that it consists out of only twenty posting members, which makes certain boards inactive for three days, and that’s arguably a bit boring for a forum.

So, isn’t it a good idea to expand the community by recruiting on other piano forums? :lib:

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most people here are dishonest.

Frankly, I voted for “da recz n vidz, i dun care about da community az much az da freebiez”.

hahah, unlikly

i appreciate da recz, but defeintly not y i joined.

without the comme, CF would still be existed.

because of his fucked up attitude, CF had to shut down. SDC is nothing compared to CF.

P.S. imagine if the recording section is vanished, it’s evidently the atmosphere here will turn out quite dreadful.

well most of us are pianists so is it really that starnge that we are happy with recordings of pianists like da ziff, da orgy da hofmann da hog etc?

wudt da opposit be extremely weird?

-da Meph

Perzonally I joined up for da random bad-ass CG. Ah woz in hyzterics da first time ah found dis place (n still am on occasion). Ahv opened a couple of recz but nevah saved any of dat sheeyat.
Long live DA SDC.

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fuckk… tiz question randomly for people who dont post at all. ofcourse everybody now sayz sheeyat like " for da sdc , for da cg , for da community" and other bullsheeyat… the truth is they j/o for da vidz mostly.
da kitty iz absolutely rite i believe.
and when it comes to me ? i care only for da elite group and some of da truzted membahz. thats all. and everything else is quite fine. actually its the only forum i post in frequently and the first page i browse when i turn on pc. mozt of da topix are sheeyat. and the good ones end up sheeyat becuz of da fucked membahz. i really enjoy sdc. but after reading these answers to your question comme. it makes me a bit sick.

hahah fuck da innocence of da noobz lik me

fo me diz just wikid place to chill n procastinate homework, hahahahah fuck da debatez ovah diz shit


wut? :whale:

i’m hear for both reasons, mainly community

I’d go to gamingforce more often if I didn’t care for the community (they have more shit), but I rarely go there.

I actually originally came here for vids, but got addicted to the CG and liked finding pianists who really like piano and aren’t just idiots.

SDC is for people really into piano this much (you can even call us piano-nerds, but we’re more like tru mofos who happen to rock 88 )

The CF shutdown cause Lando got lazy.

The shit comme did was not nearly as offensive as most of the winoes made it out to be. I got chewed fo some stupid shit as well.

Not saying I like the comme. In fact, I hate the sun na va bitch. But if he wasnt there another less gensui hyper annoying mofo would have joined sooner or later.

This place might not have elitist snobs (or maybe…) but it does have something none of the other forum have.

Real niggaz talking real piano.

Shut the…Fuk Up!!!

Dis postz is tru to the kiss ass style. The only reason you postzed this sheet is because you read the negative opinion express by a certain member.

Speak yo own words, not words used to please others.

I am the exception :lib:

I concur wif da katz. peeple t8ke dhiz playce tuu 3ePNy3le…tiz mihrlay an intahnet dizcushin bord.

PS, CATZ: diz duz not change da fact dat da pimp rhapsodies n zum chop mazzies n walzies r shit. 8)