wut r some new pianists right now?

besides lang lang and yundi li?

brezovsky, libetta…who else?

Bunch of guys you’ve probably never heard of, sadly. (no marketing)


tru…the classical industry is going donwhill faster than evah…

dis iz tragic.

My fav penizt right now iz Pletnev. He has huge technique, and is a superb musician. His interpretations are new, but everything i carefully planned out. Technically, he is perfect, but a bit tense in the shoulders.

pletnev is badass…I heff him playing da chop polonaise brillante…tiz pure mofo

of the regular pianists i’ve seen in competitions, I do like Alexandre Kobrin,

and don’t care what anyone thinks of it, I can make comparissons between his Scarbo and others to prove it superior, it is fucking awesome and he plays the music rather than the notes.

I saw him live doing the Schumann C maj fantasy and the Chopin Scherzos, they were great and the C maj fantasy was definitely the best i’ve heard.

I love KObrin too, I saw him live.

he has wonderful sound, and a huge technique

respect his interpz.

Kobrin is definately solid.

Lugansky is fucking good too

I iz a fan of Berezovsky n Lugy.

da wolfchik iz awesome too


haha if da lookz count :smiling_imp:

agreed. He has amazing tone

What did he play at the concert you went to?

:god: :tm:


hahahhahaah da trumofo tru