Is this legit mofo okay? I sent him an email this morning because it’s so weird to not read something from him for so long here.

It’s also hard to imagine he’d ever spend so long away from his discographies.

I hope he didn’t have a problem with his admittedly shaky scaffolding while painting his house.

I hope da mofo is ok!

pm him too pozz?

maybe he got busy with an insatiable NYMPHO

I think that’s called ‘projection’ TM. lmfao

He mentioned a canoe trip around this time.

I haven’t heard from him.
It’s only been a few days, I thought Rob was dead but he reappeared so CJ is probably just busy or some sheeyat.

This dude better be on either the longest lost trip of his life or been arrested for bootlegging, because it’s out of character and I keep having images of rickety scaffolding surrendering. Who’s got his private number?

He was active both here and on YT for the last time 6 days ago. Is that rare in his case? Could be a holiday…

Honestly I can’t say I know him terribly well, but in the case of this forum yes it’s unusual. Usually he responds quickly to emails too.

Maybe he’s just on vacation in the forest without his mobile. My senses just go off in weird ways when I notice breaks of patterns.

Did he get caught breaking into the Yale archive trying to retrieve the remaining Horowitz recordings that he didn’t already have?


I sent him an email too… hopefully he’s ok - all joking aside

Who’s got X’s Fb?

link removed

Maybe it’s better to remove the link from public view. I just wonder if anyone is already connected with him through it.

good call. link removed

well two funny things have just happened while we wait for X.

  1. I don’t know why but I decided to look through some Swedish newspapers, and on the front page of a Swedish-English paper there’s an article about my cousin (Canadian but moved to Sweden about a decade ago). That’s just hilarious. I fell out of touch with him when he left Madrid


  1. Beatrice Rana’s YT channel is currently running a live stream of some app / game advertisement. I wonder if she’s been hacked


I didn’t even realise she had a channel.
I read your cousin’s story too; I don’t really know how I feel about it.
Basically you can miss your kid’s entire life, not contribute a cent to their upbringing, and they’ll still love you. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I feel the same about adopted kids who reconnect with their bio parents. They’ve basically made the adoptive parents cuckold.

wtf, 2.5 k are watching her hacked stream.

Basically… they did her a favor? 8) She’s gonna pick up like 2k subs overnight.

That’s weird, it looks like all her uploads have been removed.

Brew, I don’t really know Charlie well enough to comment about his situation (I know his mother better than him). We grew up together in Vancouver for about 5 years, and met a few other times, but those were in teen / pre-teen years and we only talked a bit when he moved to Madrid (I was still in London I think, and he’s about 7 years younger than me).

Personally I grew up without a father and have never had any inclination to seek him out. My reasoning has always been that my grandmother brought me up, I loved her, and I never felt as if anyone was missing.

OK I got an email from X. He’s on holiday chasing birds (non-English style).