Yo pieniz habbitz.

mah peniz iz afflicted wit:

  • spinnin in circles (da kissin)
  • general inzanity (longdong)
  • genzui facial expressions (volodoz)
  • random hunching
  • pure fury n viiiolence (rectum)
  • humming (da GG)
  • othah sheeyat (describe in yo post)

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da random hunching would be da ho, lol…

i play with my back almost straight, no exaggeration in anything, but i sometimes do swing a little from side to side, VERY LITTLE, like cortot did…

ive randomly nevah seen da volodos facial expressions

i smack my lipz and move my tongue around my lips

juzt lyk any other penis

da humming 8)

but it isnt very loud humming, but very noisy when i iz playing digi88 wiz da phonez

we shud be able to vote foh more than 1 8)

I voted foh da random hunching, but I sometimes hum and make sum crazy movez too :laughing:

randomly i did not see the option fo that, but I wished i culd haff put it.
doez da hungsung haff tha powah to change diz?

no 8)

I dunno if tiz even pozzible

o ok.

randomly diz ppozzible on piano street.

i start to increase da speed without noticing 8)

haha da nor.

did u get da rectum rec dat I pozted?

nope i can’t megaupload

randomly I repozted a rapidshare link, check it out

tis all about the hunching

mah pinky doez zum fuckd up sheeyatz when not in uze

  1. Karate chop
  2. Fist of doom
  3. Bitch-slap


general inzanity

i play with a lot of fury when needed.

I also hum every now and then, but very soft.

Other then that, nothing much.

I do small facial expressions.