You nevah have enuff of either of deze...

Which is it ta be, da money, or da time?

  • sho me da money
  • ma 88 is a tardis

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if yo cud play a 88 fo jist one hour an fo every note yo play yo can either earn 1$ (or pound, or whatevah currency yo lyk), or go back in time one hour (and keep yo tech and mental faculties (HA!)) which wud yo choose?
n what sheeyat wud yo play?
if yo choose da latter option, how far wud yo go back?

hahah, go back in time fo da CG.

n i would play Hanon fo da double CG

:dong: : I already earn mo den 1$ fo each note I play u fuckah…

hhahaha, play n hour of random chromatic glissandoz.

i dun undahztand tha queztion :doc:

diz haz sumthin’ to do wif yo [color=cyan]IQ, rob.


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