Your fave rec of da ballade 4?

I have heard many, many recs and have been to many performances of chopin’s fourth ballade. Some were bad, some were good. But its all subjective.

I cant find a fave, so maybe u guys can help me…

which one is ur fave?

I lyk cortot’s and I also Like Ruby’s…Ashkenazy’s is ok…

never heard horowitz play it, so i cant comment on his…

my fav iz Ruby (no sure about dates or anytrhing)

hahahah actually I found da ho ballade 4…i iz listening to it right now…




Hofmann, Monique dela Brucholerie, Joyce Hatto, Cortot, Bolet, and :ziff:


Cziffra? wow…I wasnt expecting to see him mentioned…

anyways, can I have a listen of da ziff?

Richter '62 in Venice, '54 in Warsaw
Thierry de Brunhoff
Zimerman (all 3)

Forgot about Francois’s and Solomon’s…they’re both fantastic.


Cziffra (probably my fav if I have to choose), Horowitz and Cortot.

Didn’t expect Francois to be good, I heard his mazurka’s and… i’m not a fan.

Francois certainly was inconsistent due to several factors, but that 4th ballade is terrific.


Francois has good tone but something irks me about his recording.

Is there a live Fiorentino of this?


Oh shit, forgot one of my favourites:

Witold Malcuzynski

BTW: Here’s Thierry de Brunhoff’s Recording:

dunno, if there is I don’t have it.

:stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: :bar:

Barere isn’t so good in the 4th ballade.

agree, but RH runs blew me away.


-da Meph

didnt know he recorded it.