your favourite rec of Liszt PC 1

Whats your favourite for this one? My favourites are pozz sokolov, berman and of course richter. :rectum:

richter and zimerman for me.

Sokolov? He has never played it as far as im aware.

Ogdons recording released on BBC Archives is amazing

ABM (live), Lipatti, Ogdon, and Janis.

shit, ill have to check out ogdon. i didnt know he recorded it. can someone please post the disk?

Top two: Richter & Barere

Also great.

I concur with jake

Annie Fischer, Richter, Arrau.

Forgot about Fischer’s–that’s a tremendous performance.

Tru, I think I listen to the Studio rec with Klemperer more often than I listen to the Richter ones.

Care to post it?