your most hated member.....who?

now iz yo chance to tell us da truth. which mofo (in your honest opinion) do you [color=yellow]hate the mozt?

you can pozz consider who’z da [color=yellow]harshest membah here too.

only current membahz.

plz keep in mind. voting for da canadian will pozz result in banning. :comme:

da kritty already has an answer in his mind. 8)

da winnah ov diz thread will get some prize from mahzelf.


kritty, I understand

I’d hate me too


Hahaha I vill haff to think seriouzly about dis tru 8)

make sho ur anzwer izn’t as fake as ur name.



da milf
da canadian
n pozzibly da canadian



brew until recently

will think about this one

haha wtf, how can u hate da brew?

i randomly hate Tha Man 8)

I don’t, as a matter of fact I don’t really hate anyone on here.

However, I used to dislike him especially because he has Yngwie Malmsteen in his avatar who is depriving policemen of their donuts.

u iz racist 8)

u a white man wutchu know about it? 8)

black-ish mom, says nuff 8)

diz feeling mutual. I don’t have anything against you now, but mainly from PS dere wuz sum sheeyat wat annoyed me, eg da ash worship and inability to spell ‘exercises’. But tiz all cool now. Hactually, I don’t hate anyone in real life so tiz hard to hate people on tha net. But If I did, wuldn’t be near the disdain I feel for penizimo and her zycophantz.

iz u tryin to say u wudn’t hit peniztimoo?

wuld you?

AHHAHahahahahahhhhhhhhh who iz tha zkeletor?

pozzibly if me n peniztimo wuz tha only ppl on a dezerted izland

i wud drown mahzelf

OMFG TIZ U! i hate u, (hahahahahaha da use of a comma) u cocksuckah 8) u dizzed da malmsteen in anothah thread :comme:


Momsteen is pregnant