Zimerman Chopin concert

Did anybody else go to the Zimerman concert on Monday in London? I thought it was great, some of the best Chopin playing ive heard.

Did anybody manage to capture it? Apparently, the reason why Zimerman was constantly glaring into the audience throughout the 2nd half was because he caught somebody recording the recital.

i think da Wee went

what did he play
(u lucky baztard)

apparently he is quite stingy wif da encores, so when i saw him in HK which he played 3 encores (chop bal 4, bareciew zon and some other one)
he apparently really lyked da HK crowd or sth

i wunder how many encorez he played
(btw, da Zokolov apparently played 6 encore in the Frankfurt recital last week)

yeah, i heard he called the police. Wish I could have gone, but £100 train tickets are a bit expensive…

daim da Zim is such a douche sometimes

what a little bitch

You’re a bitch



It us against them! They are savages, and we are the modern industrial world!!!

ahahah thiz pic



hahah daim

i agree wif da critic actually

but i iz glad i haf been to one ov da bettah zim conc where he wuz in a good mood


meoooowwwww :orgy:


I did go, as Jeff said - he played Op. 15 no.2, Op.35, Op.31, intermission; Op.58, Op.60. He encored with Op.64 no.2.

It was great playing and perfectly enjoyable, but I didn’t feel that it was Zimerman at his finest. Certainly his Carnegie rendition of Op.35 in 2003/4 (?) left a far greater impression on me. I did notice the glaring, and assumed he had caught a telltale red light in the audience somewhere.

Off to see Pollini tonight in Op.27, Op.28, Op.23 and Op.25!

(For what it’s worth, I have no problem with Zimerman’s decision to voice his views from the stage.)

hahaha I’ll bring a lil red light next tym to turn da ZIM crazy 8)

hahah daim rezpec!!!

da zim seams to have a moral

he juzt fearz da FAKERUDY moment


in general, people aren’t making money from bootlegs, so i don’t really understand what’s moral about it…

Not discussing that one,