Zongz you need to be in da mood for

I think the Donohoe live rec is incredible. Must admit to not being terribly familiar with the Ohlsson, nor the Scarpini, though I’ve heard them.

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Mahler should have written a piano concerto

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I agree. My top 3 are Ohlsson 2018/2019, Donohoe, and Mewton-Wood. Ohlsson is probably the most kosher/least coloured characterisation of it, but his playing is a bit bland - although I think he plays this concerto better than anything else. Mewton-Wood is superb, but “something else”. Donohoe is a good middleground.

Did you ever listen to the Gerstein rec? I actually like it a lot, even though someone else here said it’s shit, iirc.

I actually don’t have any recollection of it. I either didn’t like it, or I forgot about it altogether.

It just came out few months ago.

Well that might explain it. I have a broadcast with Gerstein from early 2017. I don’t think I’ve heard his commercial recording if it’s that recent.

It’s all slowly coming together here… :stuck_out_tongue:

The commercial release IS of the Boston broadcast, of which my copy was furthermore initially marked as having Hamelin as soloist which means I could very well have left it alone. No I don’t think I’ve listened to this.

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