zuggezt zum gud 20th centuahry frog zheeyatz

tru nething from tha puzzy or rav onwardz :lib:
mezziaen iz prob mah fav but u can exclude tha mezz from ne zuggeztionz :zhreddah:

ahahah tah MEPH i c u online

i demand a pozt from you immedaitely :kan:

whats frog

french composers.

i think jredmond can echo my suggestion for dutilleux. the piano sonata is overdone, so maybe check out the three preludes.

tristan murail’s territoires d’oubli is a great work, but really long and difficult. if you can handle messiaen, this shouldn’t be too far off.

i’ll see if i can think of some others.

the dutilleux preludes are really nice, especially the 1st two

there are some Ohana pieces that aren’t bad, if i remember correctly

depending on your taste you might like Pascal Dusapin’s etudes (I’m not a big fan, it’s a bit dry, but Pace plays, take a listen).

Claude Vivier has some works that are often played, they’re not exactly to my taste… then I haven’t heard all of them

fuck boulez

hey now, incises is a very good piano work. tru, fuck the piano sonatas, but incises is nothing like the sonatas (not even a serial work). i would take a look at this one.

also, claude vivier was canadian, not french.

french name and he was killed by a disgruntled gay lover

he counts

:dong: :dong: :dong: :dong:

rezpec tha zuggeztionz

alzo zumwhut zhortah than 15 minutez

Tru Vivier wuz a legend, but he didn’t write a lot of piano music, and hiz piano workz were written when he wuz young and hiz style had not “matured” yet IMO. Still, tiz gud ztuff.

Rob, I can pozt da Vivier complete piano workz if u want.

hahaha rezpec fake
i wud be intereztd :doc:

douze notations 8)

try some nicolas obouhow preludes. the 7 prieres are a very good set.

fuck frogz :doc:

:ho: :whale:

Haha no prob (tiz only 3 piecez, n one of dem iz foh 2 pianoz 8))



obouhov (spelling varies) was russian, not french. tru, some good piano music, though.

robbah… …play dat mazziv Dukas zon :doc: :girth:

harsh :blush:

I can’t think about any other than what has been mentioned.

ahahah tru u went offline bazically tha zecond i wrote that pozt :frowning:

that sonata is awesome really.

I promise it wuznt intentional! U zud play zum Rozlavetz 8)