zum legendary chop/godz

ahahhaha tru tha FAKE-JALGOR unleazhez!


ahahahah actually fuck it cant be tha fakejal thiz mofo wuz born in Germany

i therfor zuggezt tha OGRE or tha WANK ZCHENCK 8)

plays very beautifully actually! much better than berezovsky, ugh

Very clean, good interp too.

this guy is the head of the piano department at Robert-Schumann-Hochschule in Düsseldorf, Germany where I’m studying right now: rsh-duesseldorf.de/de/hochsc … ch.schenck

i was very surprised to find a video af him here :smiley:

btw. nikolai tokarev is doing some kind of postgraduate studies (not really sure) here right now…

god this is amazing… :doc: :stop:

thiz guh iz betyonfd talen ntfd!! :orgy:

thiz guy iz legend!! :doc:

how do you find all these random mofos?

haha juz zearchin godowzky evry now n den n klikin ‘newezt’

diz mofoz penizm hilitez da richnezz n quality ov da piecez azwell

zadly da original chopetz i lizten to nowher near az often :doc:

ahahah tru tha zearch godowsky then newezt revealed thiz genzui

i think i poztd thiz 12 hrz aftah twuz u/l’d o zum zheeeyat :stop:

Damn, looks lyk I missed this. There’s hardly ever anything gud like dat in my area! :blush: