zum TRU 88world harzhnezz

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Originally posted by Сnor:
“My contributions to Piano World”
by: Comme_le_vent

HAHAHA!!! That works for many other piano related forums I’ve visited as well.

LYK A MOTHAFUCKAH :whale: :whale: :whale:

You must have [comme_le_vent] da mad skilz [/comme_le_vent] at that game!

[comme_le_vent] respec! [/comme_le_vent]

HAHAHA n randomly on anotha topique

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Comme le Vent was an idiot user, made up by somebody with nothing better to do. He wasn’t really a real person - he was just created by someone to insult people on Piano World and to make crude jokes.



Hahahahahha a genzui pic ov tha GOO eludez me at tha moment, and tiz fruztratin 8)