Da BARREN snooze thru da complete BROTHA cycle fo da 5th time

Just… why??

If taken on the whole the five sets are an artistic statement on age related decline. Gotta think meta.


At least lezbo did the hideous PIMP cycle only once :sunglasses:

" I was delighted that, thanks to Deutsche Grammophon and its partners, hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world were able to share in the live-streamed concerts we gave in April from the Pierre Boulez Saal. To have the chance to record Beethoven’s sonatas so soon after for the Yellow Label felt like the ideal response to the pandemic. At no point during the last fifty years has there been a period when I’ve had time to spend three whole months just playing the piano.’"

Three montha practising and here is his another new Beethoven 32 set.

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maybe it will be so boring… to the point of making an artistic statement :sunglasses:


Im still waiting for da WIM :snail: brotha cycle, will be truly magnificent to behold


You’ll be waiting a long time, it took him 3 years to get the op 49s up to authendick tempo :snail: :smiley:


Source: Dr. Trumofo’s Digital Image Archive, NYC. Used with permission. All rights reserved :copyright: 2020.

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Coolest part of Barenboim is this.

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Deluxe 30 CDs edition.

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Fixed it.


Waitin fo da ROBBAH or da ZEPP to cummah wiz a BAREN defence @Rob @da_zepp


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hahahahaha not zho when i becummah a defendah of tha BAREN but TRU i vil attempt to lizten whenevah thiz releaz :sunglasses:

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Haha da right word :sunglasses:


tru :sunglasses:

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i think the philips cycle is good - performance and soundwise