da biggezt TECH reputation wiz da leazt CORE REP

da zepp vote fo:


-conzidahed a moz legendary tech by virtually all peniztz, now lez c hiz CORE SD REP:

0 chopetz :gav:
0 TEz :whale:
0 otha random pimpetz :pimp:
0 rocketz :rock:
0 depuzzietz :comme:
0 czerny :lib:
0 random otha etz lyk da zcrabetz or mezz vingt regard sheeyatz :rob:
0 random pimp opera tranz :doc:
0 rappahz :ziff:
no bombah :whale:
no don :zlit:
no pimpzon :zeuz:
no wankerah :dong:
0 random virt tranz :ho: :ziff:
no rocky3 :dong:
no T1 :ho:
no prick 2 :whale:

in fact i can only name 3 zemiCORE sheeyatz from da MACHINE rep:

da bra pagetz
da gazfart
da chop hugepolozheeyat

n da concz da TOT n rocky4 MAY qualify at a ztretch


bachBUZ chaconne?

wtf zepp, gaspard, brapagz only semi-core? wut u been smoking?

hahahaha derez juz too much uzelezz moizt. if u cut it up den only da ondine n da openin n final varz of da book1 qualify az tru CORE 8)

hahaha I vil vote fo da orgy fo her lackz of etz rep while lookin capable in da eludes :greg:

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and randomly I vote da lhevinne fo mozt mofo sd sheeyatz within tha limited rep.

within da handful of recz he recorded ve haff:

4 chopetz including 25/6 and WW.
2 chop ludez including 28/16
da shoe toccata
Strauzz’schultzsheeyat blue danube waltz
Tchaik firzt

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da orgy sheeyatzo3

definitely a hard core


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Tchaik first?!?!?!!

OMG. Why hadn’t I heard of it? Can you post it plz?

er tiz incomplete. a radio broadcast only da 2nd and 3rd sheeyatz survive. I’ll upload now.

HAHA I clicked on dis topic and I wuz redirectd to 88world…or vuz I? :lib:

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tiz hardly HO level, which iz probably why it hazn’t been released :ho:

tha :tm: rocky 3

wher iz thiztz

Volodos has a small rep compared to most,

and he’s fucking crazy

and no La Campanella, records, among other things of course (recs with his wife etc) :unamused:

HAHA tiz becuz da MACHINE had da INZANE ACCURACY. Dis haff to b taken into account.

or sumthin’ 8)

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who’s da MACHINE :blush:

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:g: haz da biggezt TECH reputation wiz da leazt CORE REP.

He played virtually no romantic repertoire at all. Yet hiz technique is teh über - juzt lizten to tha inzane zpeed he plays some pieces wit.

Da machine’s “problem” is just dat he recorded very little. But even if u only listen to a Brotha zon rec of him u know dat he would also beat mozt otha peniszts in pimpets or chopets.

wtf iz T1? Da Tchaikcerto ?

HAHA da MACHINE’Z Depussy his kinda GENSUI.

And he has cool hair 8)

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Machine = Michelangeli