Da COQ unleazh Medtner Sonata Romantica


except this fucking genius forgot to hit record on the zoom

press F



recording to come another day i suppose


This is my most listened to Medtner Sonata lately. I love the Taverna rec.

Looking forward to your rec. :rectum:


Tru, rezpec da COQ!


I really like this pianist too!


Tru da BIG COQ returneth !!:girth:


I actually don’t know this one! I listen to Hamelin’s only for reference, because Berezovsky fuckin skips the coda (too hard for him lmaoooooo).

Hamelin’s rec feels like he doesn’t quite know what to do with all those notes except play them. I hope I do better than that :sunglasses:


Taverna’s Minacciosa is also damn good. I love that piece, I’d like to learn it one day.


Give it a listen:

Alessandro Taverna - Medtner Sonatas


Da LEGEND returneth.

I remember yo insane vids like da Godo son etc FUCK

welcum back mofo!!!


alzo hiz inzane DOC etz n dat one zheeyat he clowned da tm on



SO. I gave the piece its first outing in recital.

The hall had a terrible acoustic, it was 100% carpeted (including stage) and sounded dry, but was also at the same time very mid-heavy. The piano sounded clear to me, but on the recording it sounds like I’ve glued the pedal to the floor.

I do have a rec sesh booked soon though, so I’m giving yous mofos a choice: do you want this recording of me fucking around during concert, or a proper recording?


the annoying thing was that i played like 99% good and then missed some really fuckin obvious bits (LH jumps in Scherzo, small memory slip at the end of Meditation) urgh


Obviously we all want da live concert rape, mofo!



Knock yourselves out!

There’s also a second small slip near the end of 4th movement, just before the coda.