Da DONGAH unique zwing :dong:


nevah in mah life have I evah heard a rhytmh lyk dat :dong: :cn: :boy:t6: :dong:




30 zec later update :nauseated_face:


Fucksake - my ears are bleeding. I didn’t think it was possible to hear anything worse than da BAREN playing Duke Ellington, but I was so very wrong.

Here’s a different, not especially faithful, but much more enjoyable take on the piece:


Since when have classical pianists ever been good at this though?

Jazz and classical simply aren’t comptabile (of which I’m a living proof =).


But for god’s sake what is the man doing


Tru, but this ain’t jazz. You don’t have to swing, you just play the damn notes as written…


That swing part. Even in Kapustin I prefer Hamelin who doesn’t even try.

This was absolutely astonishingly bad!


Nah, there are a number of great Jazz artists who have blended the two genres quite effectively. Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Brad Mehldau, etc. And due to the overwhelming influence of Jarrett and Mehldau on this latest generation of Jazz pianists, many of these young artists have developed a stong basis in both idioms.

But tru, Dongah is horrendous in this. Just like Matsuev’s jazz encores are quite hideous. Though nothing is quite as bad as that clip of Berezovsky trying jazz. Oh boy…


ahahahah damn tha DONGAH tellin a ztory wit evry note! :barren:


Haha but he was so happy. :whale:


Hahaha diz WIKID feel

Innovative groundbreakin gensui





unlyk otha truly :ghey: mofoz who attempt da jazz clazzikz

da DONGAH actually add hiz own wikid random improz here lyk a tru jazz mofo

REZPEC :sunglasses:




da problem wiz diz admittedly WIKID perf u pozted iz dat

while liztenin

NOT ONCE did i think

daim diz a 4 hand zheeyat? :sunglasses:


do u cuntzidah da zepp

a klazzikal penizt? :sunglasses:


Ahaha da Zepp izn’t a clazzical penizt, he iz a CLAZZIC RAPE PENIZT!


I heard Debargue playing the candain rag, I found it a bit refreshing actually, but not in tru ztyle of course


Haha tru diz on hiz rezume n y he attract kid ztudentz :sunglasses:


And, of course, da TURKIZH DONGAH!!!

How could I forget?