da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD


ok…here iz mine…truly I have barely any pics of myself, these are some xmas family ones (in which we just iz being dumb) + a couple random ones from like 2 years ago

me being a douche:

me looking a bit ghey:

me humping da little man:

me, drunk, with random hand fetish:


on the left

tru 8)


hah yeah its fuckin nuts


HAHAHAhhahahahahah fcukkk tha TZ unpredicktably a giant!

ahahaha n rezpec tha JCYL canadain-ezque military fatigue alzo a bit genzui



i was actually semi-sleeping while in the prone position; we often had to stay in that position for hours in training exercises :smiling_imp:

miss the snow…


yo rob, u know this place? 8) i was based there :smiling_imp:


haha tru I iz lyk 6’6"…i dun feel that tall though…tiz wierd :confused:

were(are?) you in the army reserves or some sheeyat jcyl?


datz mildly tall.



fuck rezpecful, do u haff :rock: size hand span?


and randomly, only your lazt pic showz up for mah-bad-self


haha tiz relative to my size I guess, nothing quite that outrageous like da :rock: though

i dun know about the pics not working, i can see em fine


yeah, but that was years ago


i half polish half arab




tru, i’m on here somewhere… and da JanH is next to me 8)


hahahahah, to yo left or to yo right? 8)


to my left 8)


AHAHHAHahahahah randomly it lookz lyk tha COMME iz in that choir alzo

in tha 2nd lazt row 2nd from tha left hahahahah tru :comme:


i say da anima is middle dude in the front row

iz a right? :smiling_imp:


Anima must be the 3rd dude (yea the middle guy) in the bottom row and JanH is the little bitch next to him