Da KANPREUX cummah


Haha he sure is

But this one only if you actually take it seriously. I think it’s hilarious, and the CG value is unlike anything else in the literature. One day I really hope I’ll hear a proper performance of it, these MIDI clones make it ridiculous in the entirely wrong way.


Tru, I felt the same way about Scherzo Focoso until I heard Morishita play it. Now it’s almost decent.


HAHAHA DIZ legend of 1900 levah rape!


AHAHAHAH FUCK da private mzger RAPE!!!

randomly da COMME uze of da :zenzei: emotizheeyat to mean

I HARZHLY DIZAPPROVE or zum zuch zheeyat

iz approved :sunglasses:


U bettha ztart growing da eyebrowz den :grin::icon_stopw_sdc_473:


Rezpec diz mofo :dong:


When even da :x: prefers the orchestra, something is wrooooong :lib:


pozz :sunglasses:


I wuz not zure how da ZART cud fit in a KANPREUX thread

until da :zepp: cummah


Ahahahaha! Wut iz in da bowl of soup?


… fury








ahahahah pozz zum leftovah KFC from da night b4, in ztew form :sunglasses:





Hahahah what a legend!



diz da firzt tym da zepp

fall azleep durin da KANPREUX :sunglasses:


This piece :joy:


Funny, in some sense he actually plays it better than anyone else I’ve heard, but yet I completely understand what zepp is saying. It doesn’t lack speed, but it lacks nerve somehow.

Still kudos for finally taking this masterpiece out of the MIDI domain :joy:


ahahahah in da zeppz arrogant opinion

it zumwut

DUZ lack zpeed :sunglasses:

az well az EVERY OTHA IMPORTANT ZHEEYAT dat make up a wikid 88 perf :dong: