Da KANPREUX cummah


da honky tonk kan. tune dat mofo.


Haha da Young Chang


Da moreaux arthritis et
This mofo hahahaha


haha this guy is awesome


Hahaha diz piece a bit fuckin wikid!


For once :wink:


Daim diz midi mofo…

Tiz sorta not good to liszten!


He’s so repetitive. I can’t claim to know him, but from what I’ve heard of these Etudes it often seems like he doesn’t have more than 2-20 seconds of material, but he expands it to 5 minutes by just repeating everything over and over again.


AHAHAHAHA fuckkkkk da salt dance zumwut gensui indeed!!

So we can now cuntfirm da DOC dizz da MONROE wizout actually readin thru every et :sunglasses:


Ahahahah da SDC cud make a cumpilazheeyat of 5-8 clazzikz from diz huge wtf op63 set

Da average quality a bit zheeyat tru but dere iz fo zhor zum gensui dat reach 80% 10/4 level :sunglasses:


Da fuckin CIM da only mofo to ‘rec’ da cumplete zet :sunglasses:


I iz randomly blue balls dere iz still no ZEPP kan preux buzted azz 88 unleazh



It’s not out yet though afaik.


Tru da CIM need to take a while to render da MIDIz :sunglasses:


Are there any documents on da Mereaux playing? Could he actually play these mofo’s?


ahahahah i can provide zum TYMIN rangez fo u to imagine an interp :stopwatch:

how about 4minz wiz 80% of da notez? :sunglasses:


Hahaha. I would have thought tbh dat entering and rendering midiz wud be easiah than playing deze mofoz.


ahahaha da CIMIHO zet leaked :sunglasses:


Hahaha. I did check the date… and switched off after one min :sunglasses:


Mereaux was smart. Write 12 bars of music, expand it to 1200, apply popular title, earn 5 million goldmark, live your life happily.

What makes you think he wanted to play them? :wink: