Da LUPU finally get officially certified az a legend



pozz da inzpirado fo da ORAGEMOFO? :approved:


Impressive fury levels.

Da :ho: frenetic unleash of this in 1936 juz ruin all otha perfs fo moi

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hahaha givez new meaning for when yo teacher tells you to “take da chord from above”…mine has been harping me about this recently, I will try dis legendary technique hahaha

lupu waz already a legend in my books :sunglasses: second to none for Brahms

jezuz, dis transfah job, ripped in a helicopter apparently

Tru, diz a hard tech to get imho. Easy to produce an ugly sound that way. I could never get da HOFF style SLAM DUNK to actually sound good.

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Yeah, I’ve never been a fan. I don’t find it very efficient either, but if it work for someone it works I guess.

Is that Brad Pitt conducting?