Da Official Quiz Thread



ahahah diz da COMME givin da cumpozahz too much credit

in da zepp opinion

if da DOC can’t recognize hiz own chopgod recz

den da BROTHA can forget he wrote da fur elize :sunglasses:


Dependz how much tym haf elapzed :icon_stopw_sdc_473:

Harzhly da Oh Dae-Zu noe diz all too well :sunglasses:


I thought da piranha was Perahia?


Yeah maybe but it’s missin in da official Rosetta, so for my quiz eithah :tropical_fish: or :fish: wuz da Fish (Volondat)
So actually you were right and da Zepp wuz wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


tru diz ztory wud be mo wikid if da zcrib zaid

"wut iz u playin? zound TOTALLY ZHEEYAT " :sunglasses:


19/20, couldn’t get da :beach_umbrella:, predicktably.




Didn’t get da


kabazheeyat. N zumwut cunfuzo by itz neoclazzical ztylee


Tru. Again, a few ringers but nothing unknown. (to da pomme :slightly_smiling_face:)


D majah: 18/20
Didn’t know da


Kabalevsky and Brahms


D minah: no problem, 20/20! :nerd_face:


:zif: :clap::clap:
Did you know them all? Or guess da ztyle Pomme ztyle?


One or two were half guessez, they “sounded” vaguely familiar. :wink:




I bet you fill out crossword puzzles in pen.

Hahah 20/20

1 wuz a guezz but diz turn out to be a zumwut fav key fo da comme

Da chop d minah prel iz ma fav ov hiz prelz


C#m: 13
DM: 11
Dm: 12



I Feel lyk a bit ov a prick fo gettin zuch high numbahz but da truth iz dat I haf dedickated large periodz ov ma lyf to liznin to n readin thro diz zheeyat on a non-ztudy level

I havnt ammazzed a repertoire lyk zum mofoz here


Haha, no need to feel bad about that. I’m still fairly young and new to this so I’m not expecting to get them all.


da Pomme is an imposing mofo at this! I get several points deducted at every quiz simply since I can’t properly make sense of how the notes I’m seeing will sound, but even aside from that and despite all repertoire I’ve plowed through I wouldn’t get these scores.


I’ll have to make it harder :tm:

I haven’t known everything I’ve used (partially coz I’ve been stuck for pieces) but could pozz guess some on style.


ahahahahah randomly iz dere a way to find out

HOW MANY ATTEMPTED GUEZZEZ a mofo haff tried on each queztion? :sunglasses:

fo da next zheeyat

da zepp vil try to ZPEED-HACK it wiz a cumpozah-lizt in hand :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :keyboard: :sunglasses: