Da Official Quiz Thread



Haha I agree wiz diz n da app zhud eitha haf a ztrict 1 anza limit o pozz a 2 guezz zheeyat

diz myt harzhly rape da comme zcore down. But only zlitely :sunglasses:


ahahahah da zepp vil prax fo da next quiz by

findin a group of 30 cumpozahz fo each ztylee ordahed by fame level

random 20th century

n den prax type-delete a full ztream of 30 namez in MAX ZPEED :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :sunglasses:


Da MIKEY zeem to have a fondnezz fo throwin in zum random zheeyat

Wud da zepp reconize zum

Douglaz Lilburn? :sunglasses:


All I can think of is you can set it up MINE style where you lose the game when you get an answer wrong.
(Auto correct is fuggen useless for writing in mofo…)


Alzo if you zet up an accunt, it trackz yo gameplay.


Da Mikey heard diz? A bit wikid!


I’ve skimmed it but not properly.
She was a great pianist I’ve been told.

An AuZzie composer mofoz tend to admire is Da Roy Agnew. It’s second grade Zcrib but in da best sense.


Haha rezpec, wutz hiz moz wikid piece? I vil inzpect

Da Hyde actually zound lyk dat alzo

Da Tozah perf wiz immenz cuntviction

Hiz zpoken accent a bit wtf :whale:


There are quite a few zons. I haff only liztened to 1 zo haven’t formed much of a perzonal opinion.
Da @Brewtality was mo informed if I sheeyat correctly.


Haha rezpec da OZ pride. Da Comme rate da Bowen az da bezt brit 88 compoza.

Da Prel 18 da Comme fav


ahahahah DAYUM

diz bordahlyn noize in ZCRIBET ztylee :fire: :sunglasses:


Not really. I listened to some of the sonatas and liked them, but the only piece of his I played was the Dance of the Wild Men.


ahahaha fuck da COMME-BRU DUEL zhud juz becummah a


den we can zettle diz zheeyat tomorrow n dun haff to wait til fuckin AUGUZT :sunglasses:


Tru, made an appearance in da g#min quiz if I sheeyat correctly.
Not exactly a huge choice fo 88 Brit cumposers. Bridge (awezome zon), bax, tippett…


That’s about 90% more than me.
Is Sitsky the only rec? Couldn’t find much at all when I looked.


Yeah, his was the recording I heard. Teddy Neeman had a video of at least one of the sonatas on his youtube channel.


Fo @da_zepp
no :nopazz: until you anzwer the question. (anzwerz in englizh and mofo)
I’d laugh if da pomme takez thiz one out :dong:


This was a nasty one, since you’re not allowed to continue if you don’t know the answer. I got the first two, but got stuck on the third. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yep. as per Zepp’s

Closest I could get was doing it this way.

Once he failz haha, I’ll put it properly. :zepp:
I thought the 3rd was easy? Maybe he not big in Peru?


At least not in la casa da x

I vaguely recognize the name, but I didn’t recognize the character