Da Official Quiz Thread



It zeemz da uni library haz da manuzcript to diz and a lot of her zongz (zhe was born here, zo makez zenze). I zhall inveztigate.



ok da zepp made 2 attemptz, gettin 4/10 n 9/10 rezpectively :sunglasses:


da 5th zheeyat no way i wud get it in a million yrz, tru i zpent 9minz azkin mazelf if dere wuz in fact a zong called da KAN FANTAZY?!!? :mouse: :mage: :mart: :sunglasses:

on da 2nd attempt, moz of da tym wuz wazted tryin to remembah if dere evah wuz an official SDC name fo da LIGETI ZTAIR ET. :sunglasses:

n da final zheeyat HAHAHAHA i vil admit da mikey anzah iz GENSUI but da zepp alternative anzah wuz

HO TRANZ (az in tranzaction) :sunglasses:


I keep doing my own thing here. Ab min now - 13/20. Including misses on a Bach WTC sheeyat and a Beethoven sonata. :dong:


Hahah da fun march zon haf zectz in dat key, u zhud noe :sunglasses:


I do, it’s just… Give me a piano and I’d recognize it instantly, but from the score like this…

I did something about this in the next one :sunglasses:


A major - went through the lot and got 5 or something, haha. Tightened my fist, walked down to the piano, and got 19 there. :yum: I’ll let da Mikey decide which score is the official one.


The Beethoven Bagatelle in here incidentally is great. I remember it from a long recital by Garrick Ohlsson, after which the audience finally got him to sit down at the piano for an encore, and played this. It’s 8 seconds long. :grin:


i iz imprezzed. N tru, i woz proud of da lazt one haha.
did @DaTruPommeDeTerre beat 2 times at 9/10?

ok, fixed now so you can go back and forth like normal.


ahahahah i particulahly enjoyed da UNCHAINED DOG PIC :fire: :sunglasses:


i’m ztill zlightky zcarred from da camel dick pic from da previouz quiz.


Pozz da eaziezt yet.



Firzt anzaz every tym


Great. This sounds like one for me :slight_smile:


Drats, Eb maj - 19/20

da Potato remains elusive!


Daim which did u mizz?


Daim. Yeh, which? Unt woz this avec piano or non?

da $#(&¤%?¤£*€+&



I’m gathering didnt recognize the score and not not know?
I quite like that sonata from memory. Never seen it played.


I don’t know, I still don’t know how that passage sounds. I didn’t recognize the Deutsch number however, it could very well be that I’m not familiar with it.


Are you gonna make’em a bit hardah in futah? :stuck_out_tongue:
20/20 as well.