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Alas, neither any recordings or performances of anything but the concerto as far as I’m aware.


One more, since I prepared it simultaneously last night.

Of who… was this said?

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1 Mozart
2 Brahms
3 Lhévinne?
4 Liszt
5. ?
6. ?
7. Liszt
8. Chopin?


Good guesses by da 88!

Let me try to guess no. 5:




Strong suit this time! Most right, some not quite, and the 6th no one’s yet attempted to write. The answers I’ll not yet give flight, lest more would come and join the fight - though since forget them I might, it will all be revealed before the end of the night.

(as a limerick, pozz)

All I know
  1. Mozart
  2. Brahms
  3. Hoffman pozz?


No. 6




Ahahahaha daiiiiim!

u high? :sunglasses:


That was quite tirezome to make az I didn’t know the anzwer to zum of them.


Ohohoho sir zepp inquires whether we are high, to which we must reply with a fie. My duties currently forbid anything stronger than coke, and not of the kind which evaporates in to smoke. Rather in this fine month of May, a burst in to poetry never is far away! We conclude the letter by saying this, that of the recent guesses only one did miss!


Ok da zepp set da BAR low fo u mofoz


N REZPEC da BUZ anzah :sunglasses:



in less than 3 minutes :sunglasses:




Ahahahahah juz to cuntfirm

da #4 from a mofo who wud end up marryin zum chick who look exactly lyk da PIMP, tru? :sunglasses:


AHAHAH DAYUM u mofoz on diz nu Mikey quiz

da zepp harzhly thrown off hiz game plan :keyboard: :icon_stopw_sdc_473: when he zaw tiz a multi-choice zheeyat :sunglasses:


Answers below ->


35/52 on tha nu how many quiz :dong:

hahhahaha tha VERDI - 0 wuz unexpectd n really changd tha game aftah that :sunglasses:

at firzt i thought evryone had at leazt one and thought hahaa dang i had no idea but i hope tha DOC haz a rec of tha VERD CON :doc:


Mikey caught me with a couple of booby traps too. I wasn’t aware VW had written PCs for instance, and since my favourite Haydn concerto has always been the 11th I was surprised to hear he had only written three. :dong:


hahahahaha :whale:


Haha Tru, I thought I’d thrown zum ringerz in dere.
Dere is a Verdi variationz for piano and orcheztra but no cuncerto.

There’s a VW PC which he also re worked into a double concerto. I like it, dont think it’s the greatest thing but worth a listen.
There’s only the f,g and d Haydn confirmed, the rest are doubtful.