Da :zcholah: officially endorze da :trump:

Hahahaha daim wut a fuckin pzycho

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I love the reason given.

He found religion…

then he found :trump:

What an advert for religion :man_facepalming:

Woh… def a republican cuck guy. Pool boy railing his hot wife for sure.

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Hahaha i c da religiouz epiphany happened when… da :zcholah: realized a black man wuz prezident :sunglasses:


There def a back story.

"I had a religious epiphany 11 years ago…

Deleted Scene:

…when I was struggling to keep the wig business afloat. When that fell through… I turned to sex work to make ends meet. At first I hated myself, but… over time… after hundreds of tricks the numbness set in. Finally, I was free. Free from a world that had expected too much from me. Free from the piano exercises I could never master. But the numbness kept growing. It gnawed at me. I started cutting just to feel something again. Anything at all. Before long I was chasing new thrills to be cut, stomped and burnt. My pimp turned me loose after the tricks stopped paying. “Damaged goods” he said. I had nothing.

End Deleted Scene

…until I found the lord and all my perspectives changed."

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Vid down… hmmm what a pussy.

Ahahahahah I feel lyk da ZCHOLAH zhud zeriouzly attempt

da TRUMP combovah :sunglasses:

maybe should buy a merkin

because he a pussy.

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He lost his mojo after he got rid of the beard.

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da facial samson

daim da private vid
iz u mofoz a :zcholah: friend or wut ? :sunglasses:

I imagin da tl;dr iz zumzheeyat lyk

:zcholah: : I iz whyt


Ahahaha dezpite da cg harzhnezz of da SDC

da :zcholah: moz lykly juz an innocent zuburban whyt mofo enjoyin hiz innocent zuburban whyt mofo lyf wiz hiz family, happy n carefree n not hurtin anybody

until he watch da newz n c brothaz, mexicanz, muzlimz, covid n CHYNA all cummin fo hiz azz :sunglasses:

:trump: :whale:

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explains a lot

Wuzn’t christ a brown mofo? My country so confusing…

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@fattyfatThey wut do u think ov wut diz mofo zayz?

bazically da ztandpoint dat a BIDEN win wud mean a betta 2021 but a TRUMP win wud mean a betta 2020z az a decade whole due to da avoidance ov a WOKE takeovah agenda implemented by eitha da BIDEN bein puzhed into woke zheeyatz becuz while he iz a moderate he vil be eazily puzhed, or dat KAMELTOE vil take ovah(when BIDEN diez/iz fuckd) n puzh zheeyatz into a totalitarian woke UZ agenda :ghey: :whale:

I do actually think da kameltoe take ovah iz da plan

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Diz next few weeks zhud b interesting :dong:

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