Da Zock revived tiz Comme classic Chopet, da facebook fuckahz ztrikez again

zeemz lyk all da 88ztreet fuckah ezcaped to fb

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Stefan is a classic cock

I blocked him long ago

critique encore for lack of m*zicality :whale:
I often wonder how these fucks get off, does critiquing the best muzicians in da world give dem some zort of thrill, or compenzates fo their own lack of girth :rectum:

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This is crazy!

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da only valid kritticizm fo diz perf iz dat tiz

too zl*w n too zoft :sunglasses:


Haha mentioning a fuckin :ho: PIANO ROLL

I think he got some of the amphetamine laced coke da gav was taking before this. Superb!

haha link dem da COMME interpr :sunglasses:


ahaha tha random impro in tha middl of tha comme interp iz a tru clazzic :comme:


haha da broken record effect :comme: