Fatty and the Feux Follets - in search of carpal tunnel


Changed some fingerings and misreads which haven’t quite settled. Also realizing I gotta add at least one weekday session so my fingers don’t forget what I drilled them on previous week. Fuck this more work then anticipated but is fun so far.


Self shame post so I don’t abandon this interesting project. Hoping for a solid perf on a real piano by year end. Pure muscle memory rape through. LOTS of work to get this sounding like music and not random finger spazzes…


I liked Bach better.



Me too! : )


Man, yo legendaire azz dezerveth to unleazh on a real 88


Once I get the notes down and can securely play the basics I’ll see if any of this works on a real piano for sure.

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u managed to cuntvey da vibe of a CHILL UNLEAZH wiz yo effortlezz tech

zo much zo dat doze random mini-rapez zound lyk dey iz deliberately executed fo colah n interp :sunglasses:


Must be the 1837 version. The way I see it, if you’re in here, if there is a harder version of a piece, that must be prioritised! Lolol.


So true! Just for CG my old half baked fake-shred of an early Liszt pag. I think I could actually play it now after some months of keyboard rehab.


Practise sloooowlyy


Yeah, slowly emerging from shred habits but it’s a process. Can I be cured? only time will tell.

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Haha I dun c :sunglasses:


I wonder if the prostitute wife model could work. Like set aside rape shred pieces and work out all my impulses there, for disciplined and godly practice on stuff I really like?? (missionary)

Will experiment when back. off to Chicago and glorious new jersey.

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No, den u juz bring home herpes to da wife, and she uses that as proof of your infidelity, you lose her dad’s support n cash, she leaves yo azz, and you go becum a pimp and dun pay tax

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I doubt the slow practise thing would work in all fields. Different practise techniques are required for different skills.

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ahahaha tru at da SDC

zl*w prax iz cuntzidahed a hily cuntroverzial zheeyat :zcholah: :sunglasses:

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Cory Hall!

While I don’t exactly dig his piano playing, slow practise is just really how I practised ever since.

I’ve looked into other methods every now and then, but…ehh. Maybe I’m just too lazy to try them out, or maybe they just don’t click with me.

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Hahah I had do google dAt

Didn’t realize da BZ actually had a name :zcholah:


:zcholah: :zzz: :sleeping: