Favourite Horowitz Recordings

Post some YT links!

Randomly first time I’ve heard this gensui :sunglasses:

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Tru da BRU clazzic topiq alzo

Damn I can’t believe I used to actually buy CDs :ho:
Broken string is still a favourite rec, but I love the whole recital as well. Most of his earliest recordings are my favourites. In his 20s and 30s he was basically the perfect pianist (cheating notwithstanding).

It’s output overload here. He did lots of excellent things.

Broken string Rach, all Debussy he played, nearly all Haydn & Clementi, the 1967 Carnegie Scarlattis, the 1979 AFH Schumann Humoresque, etc etc. My favourite decade is the 60s, followed by the 30s, followed by the 40s.

Good tip with the Barbirolli Rach-3 in Brew’s thread too. I honestly haven’t heard it since I was a teenager.

tha zz-ho- BIG MAC (i think thiz iz tha approvd titl but dun remembah) wuz alwayz a fav zince i firzt heard it

tha rach zon/ prick zon 7 combo on greatezt pianiztz of tha 20th century n alzo tha rach3 from that zeriez

alzo thia zhitzo 3 u poztd iz wikid az well

n mayb my all tym fav ho rec:

:sunglasses: :ho:

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Oh, so Moscow ahead of Carnegie 1968?

diz sheeyat -->

hahaha it wuz tha firzt rec i evah heard of that particulr zcrib zong n pozzibly firzt evah HO rec i had heard az well :ho:

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Tru Carnage '68 …My first experience of Horowitz was The Art of Piano documentary and seeing this & Carmen

That could have been my first exposure too. This made me interested, and I remember hearing his Rakoczy at the time too which was my first lesson in phrasing. I hated the tune, but Horowitz made it sound elegant, almost distinguished. What really changed my life however was when I received three cassettes in the mail from a VH expert. Carnegie 1966-11-27, 1968-11-24, 1969-10-26. I was absolutely shattered after the Obermann, and once I reached 1968 it was game over. It sounded like playing from a higher species. It was what made me realize the difference between live performances and studio recordings, and what got me started “collecting” (hi Tony) both VH and live tapes in general in a more serious manner. Step 1 was to acquire all tapes around with VH, which was no small undertaking for a 16 year old dude from Sweden back in the (largely) pre-internet days.

Art of the Piano or maybe Golden Age of the Piano was the first time I saw Horowitz play, but my first recording was the Reiner Rach 3. Also the first classical CD I bought, along with Arrau’s Liszt concerti.

Randomly used to use your Horowitz discography quite a bit back in the day.

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Tru…. art or golden age, one of those

Yes, must have been Golden Age of the Piano for me, which is earlier. Art is from 1999, which was post my VH eureka moment.

ahahahah da HO haff da moz legendary DRAMADICK ztylee of all da legendz

tru tiz rare to hear diz level of gensui in a

bar penizt :sunglasses:

Art of Piano used Carmen and Scriabin 8/12. Also my first encounter with Volodya :slight_smile:

My first disc was Sonny CD my teacher recorded to me on radio cassette (cause I didn’t have CD player back then) which included Schumann’s Arabeque and HR 19 in VH transcription. What a new world it was for me!

Dis impossible to pic a fave Ho rec…

I’d say my absolute favorite playing from him is the pre-1936 smooth chill unleash…
The Debussy Serenade for a doll, da etude, Beethoven 32 Vars, Funerailles and pretty much all the other early recs.

That’s also his “simplest” playing, for better or worse. I like both styles, but for the serenade specifically my favourite is 1968-11-24. That harmless little encore is one of the miracles of recorded pianism!

It’s so hard to pick a favorite but the D sharp minor etude, Op. 8, No. 12 from Moscow is indispensable for me. Objectively, there are better recordings by da Ho but, pour moi, this one has something special going on at the level of expression and the climax is so visceral.

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Maybe… certainly is his most “refined” style… I love that and his 60’s stuff the most.