Gramophone Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Inztrumental winnah - Ignore Levit
Concerto winnah - Benjamin Grozvenor

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fresh repertoire :roll_eyes:

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Maybe this should be its own thread, but what do you guyz think of this type of pianist like Grozvenor, Jan Liziecki, Danis Matzuev…this type of natural talent, concerto champion pianizt who getz da big label contractz, sells out venuez, get Grammys and Gramophone awards, and pull all their rep from this same bucket??? Im sure Im over generalizing a bit…but…hopefully you get my idea

Nothing against these pianists, Im sure they make their target market happy, but personally I find them extremely boring.

Grozvenor iz in a hiagha league ov talent to da otha 2 IMO but u iz korreky deir rep iz unadventurouz

we haf been zpoiled by da DOC :girth:


I listened to the levit beethoven sonatas. I can’t say there was anything particularly amazing there. Suppose he performs well live and this maybe a kudos to those cycles???

I just posted a 111 from mogilevsky. More goodness in that craggy old recording than this mofos whole set IMHO.


If I’m going to listen to any modern day mofo in da brothazonz it will be da TURKIZH DONGAH.

And :wim: for about a minute until I stop laughing.

Haha da NIGGA zonz are rep dat I actually might cuntzidah zpendin tym to learn juz becuz I hear deze INZANE interpz in ma head inzpired by da a combo ov da ZEPP n da GLENN GOULD :zepp:

I juz need a few decadez to work up da tech n learn da notez :dong:


tru - I think we’ve reached the stage where if pianists want to learn core rep for public performance (or their own edification and pleasure) then that’s great, but there’s surely no point in another CD release of brothazonz or Mozart sym 40 or an Elgar cello cuntcerto etc?


Haha to be fair we reached dat ztage before

Even in da :rectum:z tym - all da muzik he recorded had pretty much been done widely

Da real izzue iz da lack ov creativity n originality in interpretive ztylez

zay wut u want about da WIM - at leazt he iz doin zumzheeyat NU :dong:

I disagree. We always need fresh takes on the core repertoire. We just don’t need complete Brotha zonz released every year and we need a fresh take. The recent Turkish Donga release is well worth a listen. I havent listened to the Levit release, but I think he’s a very good peniszt.

Randomly, Grosvenor’s playing is insanely imaginative. He hardly ever plays in da US though.

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agree with othaz above dat da GROZ is totally a cut above the rest, and also I have to say his rep for live gigs is a BIT more adventurous than we’re giving him credit for

he’s done Gershin conc, Mompou, Medtner, Britten conc, some really nice Janacek, a bunch of randomass tranzkripzionz, little pieces by Morton Gould, etc.

So no it’s not way out there but certainly far more adventurous than most of the cookie cutter pianists out there recycling their takes of the big 100 compositions


I zaw da GROZ norma in concert

tru very moozical

but pozz lezz furiuz verzion evah playd in hiztory ? :lib:

I iz a bit worried day he playz lyk diz at 26, tiz not natural

how will he play at 50 ? :wim: :parking::parking::parking:


HAHAHA y diz moz appropriate nick nevah emergeth befo :whale: :bulb:

Da JREDMOFO pozt above da firzt tym I haff zeen diz tru or iz I juz not payin attention :sunglasses:

Anybody have the grosvenor album he cut when he was a tween with the freakish moszkowsky caprice espagnol?

Ahahahah y u gotz to ruin a perfect zepp interp wiz random :gman: gheynezz


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in terms of fury tech his chopin 1st ballade and scarbo are pretty inzane tho

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I can’t get into Groz. His playing is too pretty.


Dis not ma fetish either, but I do still have it…

Here you go dude: LINK [320 AAC]

Check out his gensui LISZT SONATA with big swathes of pedal, brilliant overdotting and overall controlled insanity.

Dude is a :bar: reincarnate, with upgraded OCTS