Ivan Moravec is a cunt because Da_Comme said so

Fav recz ov diz mofo?

great rec!

The Nocturnes, of course, and the Brussels recital (Possibly my favorite Beethoven 15th).

It’s hard to pick when everything is on such a high level. He’s the type of peniz that only records if he has sum zheeyat to say!

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Alzo note dat

I did not create da topiq wiz diz title :sunglasses:

He’s pretty great. I have some of his connoisseur albums… Is there a box of him floating around?

A new box of his Supraphon recordings is scheduled for next week release

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zhud i lizten? :sunglasses:

for me his best stuff is the Janacek

I only know of his recording of his Sonata.

Got a clean copy of this. Will put it in the inter webs. I dun see it in his Discogs thing

Check out his smooth Chop Nocts

Fuuuckk this turning out better than CD sound. Will post here as well as tube.

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I make this sound better than CDs. Enjoy this mystery moravec album.



no :sunglasses: :sleeping: :sleeping_bed:

ahahahah diz name zound zumwut familiah only becuz tiz mentioned on da ancient “88 wizard” zite

tru zumzheeyat about definitive chopnoctz or zum zuch zheeyat if i rezheeyat correctly :tm: :sunglasses:


Daim, mofo! That noise floor is SIIIIICK.

Correct! Da Chop nocts iz praised by many mofo pozz becuz dey were rare at sum point

diz :chop:bal 1 very zupahficial (narrow picture) playin :ghey:


Diz how da BALL 1 should go. POZZ

Or diz:

Daim. Da TIFF did not age well.


Hahah wut do u expect from a mofo hu iz obzezzed wiz zound n audio engineerin :gman:

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On pristine nature of Da moravec vinyl - clearly previously owned by

a dude than dun like Moravec. :sunglasses:

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