Lupu retires


Ok then.
Never heard one of his recs, and plan to keep it that way :smiling_imp:

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He should have done that a lot earlier.


Your loss. He was a titan of a pianist.

Sadly with emphasis on was.


His Schubert impromptus :heart:

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haha da retirement a known advertizing ztrategy

uzually peniztz do it 5 or 6 tym :sunglasses:


Haha even zheeyat old rock band do diz zuch Az da ztonez and kizz

And da ticket price keep goin up


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With him, when I listen to him in his prime, his live recordings or otherwise, he sounds great or special at times, and the experience is good. But I never have the feeling of wanting to hear him again, to go back to the recording. Unfortunately I didn’t hear him in recital.

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Hahaha da HO did da zame

da DEATH wuz hiz final retirement hoax, he vil be back fo a world tour in 2023 fo hiz 120th birthday :ho::ho:

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Any good recs?

Based on the lack of Liszt in his rep I assumed he plays like a castrated cuck on Estrogen, granted, I never heard him play a note :sunglasses:


Juz one of da best :pimp: zons I’ve heard. I think da x had a bootleg.


The X is the master of that. I’ve bumped into a few hardcore Lupu collectors along the way, guys who are really into him, so there’s something there that you might appreciate more than I can.


Too bad, but he started cancelling already before the end of the season, otherwise we could enjoy maybe a bootleg of his last concert at the Gewandhaus …?

I never forget his live performance of Schubert Sonatas back in the '70s. Never experienced such sense of beauty with any other pianist (besides VH) after that. Unfortunately I lost all tapes of that time.

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He was fantastic. Whoever it was who said he played like an angel at that time (Czajkowski?) was right. I like him less and less for every decade that followed, with a sharp downturn around 1996, but one of my favourite concerts with him is still from as late as 1995, and every concert I attended with him in the 00s and 10s were very memorable too for his spontaneous and improvisatory playing. Nothing ever felt rehearsed, he played exactly the way he felt in the moment. Throughout his career this made his concerts somewhat uneven, but he always gave you the impression you were listening to a narration rather than a concert in the traditional sense, with the music created on the spot.

True, Stockholm too. I had tickets for him in March I think, although in all honesty I planned to skip it even if he had appeared. Brew’s latest rec convinced me this was the right decision.