Mark Viner

Tru a topic dedicated to diz legendary mofo, wikid rep choicez n a very zolid penizt!

this guy is recording stuff by alkan, thalberg - technically demanding works
i am curious to hear a well recorded live recital of his


Da HEX above is very creditable. I haff a Thalberg CD by him somewhere.

I had an argument with da tube algo aftah it identified one of my Casta diva recz (ul to da tube 2010) as his commercial Casta diva (rec 2019) :dong:


Wutz yo fav HEX? da caped ray?




Did u c dat perf where I think it wuz Oleg Marzhev arranged ztudentz to perf a variation each in alternation :dong:


Da MARZH a bit of a minah legend in such rep.

Thomas Wakefield’s HEX wuz gud iirc.

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Tru, da Marzh Zauer dizcz are very good, an underrated Pimp pupil when it cummah to cumpozition

Both ov hiz concertoz are great

Hough recorded da 1zt brilliantly alongzide da Zharwankah4th, n da Marzh recd da conc2

Dat HUFFLEPUFF cd is excellent. I’ve honestly had the experience of seeing a mofo do one of the SUREWANKAHz in a maztahclazz, can’t remember which one though.

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About half way through and dis pretty EPIC so far!

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Did he change his name from Wiener?

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ahahha a zlite clazzic

Zlow :stuck_out_tongue:


U mofoz zeen da VINAH article in da latezt PENIZT mag?

titled addikted to ALKAN