Moist attempt - why moiszt so hard? How to practice this moist way?

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Not an expert, but have you considered sitting higher up?

I think moist is hard because it lays bare your innate musicality.

Moist really does lay everything out there. Listening back I lost the pulse right away and hesitated on chords I was slow to read which broke the lines. Also lots of things didn’t have a direction or arrival in mind. I can see why most dudes do Schiff style with the occasional nice detail thrown in. Sitting higher does make sense. To really be in top of pressure you are putting through to fingers need to keep things more level I bet. Some accents became a bit SFZ sounding.

My goal to learn this in perfect moist style cuz it’s wikid.


Daim Diz came out pretty

Da DIGI smooths over many things, to a fault, n ultimately limits yo expression

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The moiszt poss harder than double notes!!

Double fuck, I worked most of the day on this sub 2 minute piece and still has shit moments.

Also sitting higher helped keep left hand tone more in control.

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I got a good version! I declare this done cuz I dun think I can do it better on digi.


Tru let do Ho flow through u


Hehe maybe a bit Ho in Japans but I’ll take it. I still dunno how gets those HUGE dynamic ranges without sounding overblown. Super projection genius that guy.

My moisture journey continues with this insanely moist epic tiny masterpiece. Hoping to learn notes by weekend to perf with proper dankness.

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