New repertoire/programs of living pianists


I like moog, mainly because his name is already an SDC nickname…


If only Moog would play on a Moog.

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Dohnanyi 2nd PC’s main theme reminds me of Morricone except even more epic, one of my favourite tunes.


Kholodenko is playing cool program in July:

MOZART - Fantasia in C Minor, K. 475
BEETHOVEN - Bagatelles, Op. 126
BEETHOVEN - Rondo a capriccio, Op. 129
GODOVSKY - Studies on Chopin Etudes
TCHAIKOVSKY - Piano Sonata in C-Sharp Minor, Op. posth. 80


Vienna’s Konzerthaus announced their new season.

Here are two main piano cycles (Lang Lang is coming back with Goldbergs):

Klavier im Großen Saal

Klavier im Mozart-Saal


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Oh man. I wonder if Wang’s program will last. Right now she has all 12 of Debussy’s Etudes announced there. Also looking forward to the specifics of Volodos’ Liszt program, but I suppose he’ll likely return to previously played music.


I knew you will liked her new program :slight_smile: I also hope that Debussy Etudes will remain, but with her you never know…

Matusev really has no wish to learn new stuff… Have to admit that I don’t understand the fact that you have big carear, can play big things and you don’t have an interest to learn some works you always wanted to play…


No she’s always used placeholders in the past, but the last few seasons she has actually kept her word from the initial announcement.

I hope… I do like the Preludes better, but while the Preludes are maybe over-played I think the Etudes are very much under-played. Several of them are really good, and you practically never see the entire set programmed.

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I agree. Plus it would be great to have recording of complete Etudes from pianist of that calibre like Wang.

Also interesting concert is Angelich and Wiener Symphoniker. They will play the same program as on the Beethoven Akademie 1808 (Pastoral Symphony, PC 4&5, Choral fantasy etc.)


Yes I think this can be really good. She wouldn’t have the stability I’d like in some of them, but she would have both the dexterity, acuteness and tonal palette.

One of my longest standing wishes is for Sokolov to program one of the books of Preludes too, but I think it’s safe to say his programs will continue about as they have been until the end now, with few if any excursions past late Brahms.


Yeah the Debussy Etudes are great. Also: while the Debussy and Rach preludes are more often played than the Deb+Rach ets, I like the ets more (nothing against the preludes though)



Yuja wiz both books of Debussy Ets?!

Rezpek diz



Yeah, I’m still waiting for her Iberia…
Volodos’s Liszt is already listed, unless you think that’s also a placeholder?


It is? The page Kreso links just says Kreisleriana and works by Schubert and Liszt.



Ballade nr. 2 S.171
Wiegenlied – Chant du Berceau S.198
St. François d’Assise: La prédiccation aux oiseaux (Légende n. 1 S.175/1)
”Pensée des Morts” (Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses)

Schumann Kreisleriana op. 16


Oh, yesyesyes. I saw those for a concert later this year. I suppose he’ll keep playing them until June.