Teodor Currentzis - Moz pretentiouz mofo in clazzical muzik?

:whale: :whale: :whale:

hahah diz CUNTZIZ mofo da moz zeriouz n pretentiouz mofo in all clazzical muzik wiz no zenze ov humah? :dong:

hahahaha thiz mofo remindz a bit of tha MARILYN MANZON, pozz tha nick cud be tha MAXIMUZ MANZON :shrimp:

tru becuz he iz GREEK tha only reazon :sunglasses:


tru zum dayz tha ROBBAH juz mailz it in :sunglasses:


Haha zpeediah delivery den UPZ :sunglasses:

or Canada Pozt :canada: :gman:


Hahaha. Da hurwitz sound like an SDC handle and this review def sound like a thread.


Ahahaha diz mofoz name analgram to:

Sir cunt odor ztree :gav:

a mo prententiouz 88 ztreet pozz :sunglasses:


hahhaha wtf @4:21

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tru zimply da CUNT ODOR

or mo likly we will nevah have to make reference to diz mofo again :sunglasses:



unlezz he make collaboration wiz a legendary penizt

it zeemz diz iz unheard ov az diz mofo zuch a cuntrol freak n haf an ego da zize ov da :sun_with_face:

but dere iz alwayz


HAHAHAHA da zheer BZ ov diz mofoz zpeech iz a NU LEVEL ov pretentiouz vacuity

bazically a mainztream :wim: :sunglasses:

Creativity …The real creativity is the tragic beauty of the pronunciation of the sound in the silence

daim diz profound revelation

I iz zhor he wudnt mind den if da audience perfd da CAGE 4’33" afta hiz perf inztead ov :clap: to upztage hiz azz :sunglasses:

I think I’d rather listen to Currentzis’ :nopazz: Beethoven than any of today’s crop of identical competition winner style :nigga:

I’m not even sure I disagree with his statements, we’re just not used to hearing people talk that way today. If you read da SHRAPNEL, say, it’s much the same.

Though it was CG when they talked about his legendary bad temper and illustrated it with a slightly raised voice. Mofos clearly never heard a Solti rehearsal…

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meh yet another dude sawing away like a barbarian and claiming it’s passion or whatever

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Currentzit is fun to listen to when you wanna rock out to some classical tunes!